Ordishy for digital marketing

As an agency for B2B online marketing, we support our B2B customers in lead generation, sales promotion and customer loyalty. We have been writing about current developments and trends in B2B online marketing on the digital marketing blog since 2012.

Come on an exciting journey with Ordishy. As a B2B agency based in California, we will show you the way to targeted B2B online marketing. For national and international B2B brands. B2B as a challenge? We love Use our expertise and go one step further.

Your goal. Our solution. Our joint project!

Focused online strategies

B2B online marketing needs a stable basis. We develop the right online strategy. For image, visibility, lead generation and B2B e-commerce.

Well thought-out company websites

Your website is your figurehead. We bring brand, design, usability, content and SEO into perfect harmony. Suitable for your target groups.

Far-sighted content marketing

B2B brand management needs relevant and emotional content. We take care of your texts, images, videos and graphics. Delight your customers.

About ordishy

Sometimes it can be very simple: you define your goals, we take care of your B2B online marketing. We combine various marketing instruments into a specific action plan. Whether analysis and strategy, website optimization, Google Ads, SEO or campaign creation. We think outside the box and always keep your goal in mind.

As a special agency for B2B digital marketing, we have been writing about current developments and trends since 2011. The thematic focus of the specialist blog is B2B digital marketing, SEO and SEA, email marketing, lead generation, social media marketing and website optimization. Whether current trends, studies or practical tips for B2B’s: Let yourself be inspired.

Online marketing for B2B brands.

B2B digital marketing often means being courageous, crossing borders and daring to do new things. This requires a strong partner. We know what it takes to be successful in a complex B2B world. And we know what B2B companies want. Use our knowledge for focused online strategies, well thought-out websites, comprehensive online campaigns and far-sighted content marketing. Be brave and take the next step with us.

Jessica Ordishy

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. Founder and owner of Ordishy. Editor of the B2B online marketing blog. Author and editor of the annual B2B trend paper. Marketing consultant, seminar leader and speaker with a focus on B2B digital marketing, online strategy, lead generation, SEO / SEM, website optimization and email marketing.

Lora Weis

COPYWRITER. With Ordishy since 2016 as a copywriter with a focus on websites and campaigns. She supports the editorial support of the specialist blog and puts her stamp on the articles with her literary perspective. She enriches the specialist blog with articles about website texts and digital marketing.

Christopher Agostino

PROJECT MANAGER. Since 2019 as a project manager at Ordishy. In our specialist blog for B2B digital marketing, he writes valuable articles on the topics of website projects (focus: optimization and relaunch) and project management in B2B digital marketing.

John Murffy

ONLINE MARKETING MANAGER. Since 2018 at Ordishy as an online marketing manager in the field of email marketing and social media management. In the specialist blog for B2B digital marketing, he regularly writes well-founded specialist articles on the topics of email marketing and social media marketing in the B2B area.

Samuel Rodger

SEA MANAGER. From 2015 to 2017 at Ordishy and now content manager e-commerce. His focus is on the development of strategies and their implementation to increase the visibility of B2B brands in Google. Since 2011 he has been writing highly regarded articles on search engine optimization, Google updates and SEA in the B2B digital marketing blog.