Which (content) marketing tools are there and which do you need? We have listed the 93 best tools according to application area.

There are really a lot of exciting tools, plugins, apps and software out there. Although I haven’t listed all of them by a long way, the list has become quite long. If you are only interested in a certain area of ​​application, navigate using the following jump labels. Have fun exploring!

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Quick access

Keyword and topic research tools


Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that searches topics based on social popularity. In addition to possible influencers, the most frequently shared content is also displayed on the social media channels. The following metrics have been added: Reddit engagements, backlinks and evergreen score. Also the following functions: Alerts, Question Analyzer and Facebook Analyzer. 


Quora is a question and answer page where users can ask all kinds of questions and users who are familiar with the field can answer these questions. These answers can then be rated positively or negatively. Of course, this also has the potential to establish yourself as an expert in your field. The free portal is suitable for research , but also for generating traffic.


Talkwalker can be used as a social media search engine. This allows you to track trends in real time and thus increase your own campaign efficiency, find content ideas immediately, recognize viral tendencies and skillfully address target groups. The tool also allows you to create reports with detailed findings and industry trends. Here are the prices.

Trend hunter

Trendhunter is a free platform that detects and makes available viral topics and ideas from various areas on a daily basis.


StumbleUpon is a free search engine that suggests websites based on areas of interest. StumbleUpon works a lot like Facebook. You can like content and the tool then knows what you want to see more of. This tool is suitable for research purposes and can help to find interesting content. Registration works via Facebook or Google+.


Impactana helps you find content that has a big impact and at the same time helps you measure success. The tool measures using the content marketing metrics BUZZ and IMPACT. BUZZ is made up of shares and likes. IMPACT contains comments, views, kicks, downloads and links. If you want, you can install the Content Marketing Toolbar for Chrome for free.

Answer The Public

The free tool is practically Google Suggest in quick format. Instead of typing in a multitude of variations of your search queries, it is sufficient here to enter your keyword. The Answer The Public tool then automatically shows you all possible queries. Here you can read how it works.


Hypersuggest  is a keyword research tool based on Google Suggest. The special thing about it is that the tool has a “reverse suggest” function, a reversed keyword research so to speak. Above all, however, we liked the W-Question Tool. Very, very helpful for answering the most important W-questions around a topic.


Ubersuggest is a free tool that can help with keyword research. Similar to Google Suggest, Ubersuggest shows all keyword suggestions delivered by Google. From the keyword volume to the keyword seasonality to the click data: the tool helps you to keep track of things.

Influencer Marketing Tools


“Influencer and advocacy management solution.” Sprinklr took over the former influencer tool Little Bird. Sprinklr says about himself: “Sprinklr is the most complete social media management system for the enterprise. We help the world’s largest brands do marketing, advertising, care, sales, research, and commerce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 21 other channels globally – all on one integrated platform. “


Traackr is an influencer marketing platform. The tool supports you in your search for relevant influencers in your niche. Based on the data available on Traackr, you can make decisions for your influencer-based campaigns and measure the effects. Price not found on the website, probably on request.


Discover, Map, Listen, Engage, Measuer – Onalytica is influencer marketing software. Here you can find influencers according to topic and reach. Including content seeding option and reporting. The 7-day trial version is free, after which the following prices apply .


The free Klout tool helps to find and involve the right influencers. With Klout you can find relevant content on the internet and plan your own social media activities. There is also a Klout Score , which can be used to show the degree of influence of a social media account.


Tapinfluence brings brands / companies and relevant social media influencers together in an easy way. The tool enables multi-channel tracking – apart from blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are taken into account – and the simple analysis of your successes.

Content creation tools


Are you looking for someone to write your articles, whitepapers, blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts? You can order content from contract writers via the scripted briefing. 


The DOZ tool supports the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns. Via DOZ you will get in contact with selected marketing professionals who will help with the implementation ( prices ).


Contently is a platform that helps make content marketing clear and effective. Contently relies on strategy-based content creation and is intended for large companies that produce content in large quantities. Via Contently, you can contact journalists from the network and manage collaboration, orders and payment. In addition, the former analysis tool Docalytics is now part of Contently. 


The tool is suitable for companies that create content for a multitude of customer types and segments, pour it into a wide variety of formats and publish it via a multitude of channels. Presenting the right content to the right prospects at the right time so that they become customers. Here are the pricing models.


Oz is a content creation tool with an integrable dashboard that content marketers can use to develop unique ideas. Oz focuses on the content creation process, i.e. compressed research and brainstorming The demo is here .

Divvy HQ

Divvy HQ is a cloud-based tool that helps marketers with content planning and simplifies the workflow during content creation. It is particularly helpful to keep track of complex development processes. You can find a price overview here .

Content curation tools

Curata CSS

Curata is a content curation software to automate the individual work steps of the topic research. You can set certain parameters and topics and the software searches the Internet for relevant topics and collects them automatically. The software automatically finds suitable sources. Curata is suitable for companies that publish a lot of content and are inspired by existing content.


Waywire is a cloud-based provider for video content curation: Here you can upload, select, compile, distribute and monetize videos.


With Almighty, you can track down and collect content trends and reprocess them – content curation.


With Pocket, you can save articles, videos and everything else directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. Once saved, no internet connection is required to access the content. Here are the prices of the premium version.

Management tools


Scribble is a platform for planning, creating, distributing and measuring content. Scribble supports you in controlling your workflow and your strategy. Scribble Live describes itself as the most all-inclusive content cloud provider in the world. The products also include Scompler and Visually.


With Scompler, teams, whether SEO, social media, editorial, content marketing, etc., can work together on one platform. Topic planning, post planning, post creation and publication as well as analysis included. Here are the package prices .


Contentbird is a platform based on strategy, processes, data and methods, with the aim of increasing digital visibility sustainably through content. Contentbird helps you optimize the workflow and makes content research, planning, creation and distribution easier. Here are the prices .


Trello is a project management and organization tool. You can collect content in boards, lists and cards. You can share and comment on these with team members and optimize your workflow. The tool acts as a kind of whiteboard on which your project can record the status quo, to-dos, new ideas and assign tasks. A similar tool is Taskworld . Basic version free of charge.


Evernote is a project management tool with an extremely large number of new functions. Pictures, videos, texts, handwriting – everything can be stored and edited together. The tool has an integrated chat function. The basic version is free of charge, an upgrade to a paid premium version is possible.


Acrolinx is a tool that analyzes the quality of your content. Are you finding the right tone and style? Is your content high quality and consistent? Acrolinx will make you aware of this.


Use Buffer to organize your social media activities. From post planning, post automation, engagement to analysis. Here are the prices for the various accounts.


Crescendo is a content marketing tool with which you manage the planning, organization and creation of content and which helps you to make the content marketing process more efficient. 14 days free trial, here are the prices.

Content tools

Contentools helps you to plan, organize and create content marketing and to improve the content marketing process.


CoSchedule is a plugin for WordPress that simplifies editorial planning in a team. Contributions can also be created and planned without WordPress access. At the same time, you can write suitable social media posts right away. The calendar view makes it possible to keep track of all planned blog posts and social media posts.

Analysis tools


Termlabs is an SEO and content analysis tool. Termlabs analyzes texts in such a way that you can derive SEO measures from them and improve your texts in every respect. The tool is also suitable for topic research and W-questions. There is currently only a trial version of Termlabs.


RYTE, formerly OnPage.org, is one of the most popular tools. With it you can analyze your website technically, but also optimize your content, monitor mentions in real time and take a closer look at your competitors. RYTE offers different pricing models.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics (free of charge) you have access to a comprehensive data analysis. The tool helps to understand user behavior, provides information about which pages the visitor has been on the longest, where the visitors come from, where they are going and which content is most popular.


Bitly (free) is actually a tool that shortens links . At the same time, Bitly can also be used to measure the success of the respective article whose link has been shortened. Bitly delivers the click statistics in real time, which makes it attractive as an analysis tool.


Chartbeat is an analysis tool with which you can analyze your content on the website. The tool shows you which contents are the top performers, which are not working and how far the users scroll through the contents.

Content Inventory CAT

CAT ( Content Analysis Tool ) is a tool that crawls the website and gives an overview of the entire content of it: images, URLs, links and much more. Helpful for content audits, but only free of charge for testing purposes. The prices are up to 849 US dollars a month for business.


Mixpanel is an analytics tool for web and mobile apps. The tool does not measure page views and visits like many other tools, but user actions, that is, what users are doing on your site and how they behave . Prices.


Woopra is a statistics and analysis tool based on real-time analysis. That makes it possible, for example. See exactly what the traffic is doing as soon as a new article is published. Click here for the price list .


Kissmetrics is an analysis and conversion platform. Instead of focusing only on page impressions , visitor numbers, etc. , Kissmetrics tracks the visitors and shows which people are behind the clicks. This can be used to create a customer history. The price list is available here. 


Simplereach works with real-time data and tracks the performance of the content on the web and in social media. From this, conclusions can be drawn for the further content marketing strategy and promotion.


Parse.ly provides an overview of the target group by measuring and analyzing in real time how users behave, what content they interact with, which articles are currently being read and most read and much more. Price on request.


PathFactory is the name of a Content Insight and Activation Platform that helps B2B marketers understand the role of content marketing in the buyer journey and optimize it on the basis of data. PathFactory also uses this data to display relevant content to users.


Ahrefs is an analysis platform. The following tools belong to the Ahrefs portfolio: competitor analysis tool, keyword research, backlink research, content research and rank tracking as well as monitoring. Here are the prices.


Socialbakers is a social media marketing tool that also provides free analytics tools. Here you can measure your social media performance and compare it with your competitors.


With Tweetreach you can measure your reach, engagements and impressions on Twitter for free. Here are the prices for the paid extended versions.

Promotion, retargeting and personalization tools

One spot

With OneSpot you can individualize the content for your users. This is how you show your users personalized content based on their user behavior and their preferences. The users are brought back through remarketing. The same goes for email marketing.


Qutbrain ( Engage and Amplify ) is a market platform for native advertising on premium websites such as Bild, Focus, Spiegel, Chip, Vogue.


issuu is a platform on which you can upload content such as magazines, catalogs, newspapers and other publications. In this way, they are made accessible to a broad mass. There is a free basic account, otherwise for a fee .


The flow of visitors can be personalized with the Monetate personalization platform.


trbo offers a cloud-based technology that enables online shops to address users individually at the right time – on-site, in real-time and fully automated. As part of a machine learning approach, the personalized user approach is continuously optimized.

Flip over

Überflip is a cloud-based content experience platform. It supports teams in generating leads, personalizing and optimizing content.


Showpad, a tool to improve the buyer experience and for personalized content. With Showpad you collect and organize relevant content for every step of the buyer journey. Here are the different pricing models.

Marketing Automation Tools


Act-On is a marketing automation tool for email marketing, social media marketing, lead management and much more. A / B testing is also part of the tool. Here is the price list .


Marketo is designed as a marketing automation tool designed for engagement marketing, real-time personalization, lead management, email marketing, B2C marketing, existing customer marketing, mobile marketing, etc. The tool can be used to create, automate and track campaigns and marketing workflows as well as emails.

Sales Panda

Sales Panda is an inbound marketing or content management tool. There is a 15-day free trial period, after which these prices apply.

Email Marketing Tools

Constant Contact

With Constant Contact for professional e-mail through simple drag and drop, management of the e-mail contact list and tracking. Here are the prices.

Campaign Monitor

With Campaign Monitor you can use drag & drop and a variety of customizable templates to create email templates and send email campaigns. Click here for the price list .

Vertical response

Vertical response is an Email and Social Media Marketing Tool. The Toll can be used to create, send and track emails and social media posts. The version is free for 4,000 mails to up to 300 recipients per month. Here for the prices .


GetResponse is an all-in-one platform for online marketing. The tool makes it easy to create professional-looking newsletters and landing pages, as well as automating the email marketing process through targeted targeting. There is a 30-day free trial, after which the following prices apply.


MailChimp is one of the most famous email marketing tools . With Mailchimp up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month can be managed free of charge, otherwise the following prices apply.


CleverReach is an email marketing and marketing automation software. In addition to creating and sending newsletters, it also offers A / B tests, e-mail templates, reports on opening, click and unsubscribing rates as well as success measurement through conversion tracking. Here are the prices .


GrooveJar helps you to optimize the conversion of your emails and pop-ups. Here are the prices. The tool offers a 45-day guarantee.

Distribution tools


The LINKILIKE content distribution tool automatically creates reach and engagement for content through its own micro influencers. Digital word of mouth ensures the distribution of videos, articles & landing pages in social media.


Plista offers advertisers and publishers direct access to a broad portfolio of native advertising solutions. So you can generate and monetize traffic.


Bright Cove is a type of cloud service for content. It includes a video platform that can be used to integrate customer-specific video players on their websites, social media profiles, etc. Here are the offers and prices.

PR Newswire

Use PR Newswire to get press releases out to relevant journalists. PR Newswire is therefore well suited for public relations or marketing.


MashShare offers a range of social media like and share buttons. So users can distribute your content directly with a click. In addition, Mashhare should be GDPR compliant.

Writing tools


Penflip is also often referred to as “the GitHub of writing”. With this version management tool, several authors can work on one or more texts at the same time. The basic version is free of charge, but then you cannot switch your project to “private”. It remains public and can be found and edited by anyone. With the premium version, the project can easily be set to “private”.


Portent is a tool for anyone who wants inspiration for their article headings. Enter subject and press the arrow. A title that is sometimes more and sometimes less useful is appearing. At the same time, you can also find other content ideas with Portent.

Hemingway App

Hemingway is a text analytics app. It checks your text for legibility and you can edit the comments directly in the text. Here you can download the desktop version for a fee .

Content collaboration tools


GatherContent helps you to better organize and optimize the content on your website. With the help of the content collaboration tool, you can organize your content and involve other content teams in the collaboration. The price overview .

Edit flow

With Edit Flow, you can redefine your editorial workflow in WordPress. The open source solution simplifies teamwork.


The Marketing.AI platform allows users to easily work together with the help of a team calendar and develop a content strategy, the success of which is measured after publication.


Beegit lets the user easily organize the workflow during the content marketing creation process in the individual teams and departments. It monitors user activities, permits and communication. You can find all prices here .

Content launch

Content Launch helps small and large companies in particular to monitor and control their content marketing processes.

Graphic tools


Piktochart is a tool with which you can drag various design elements onto the created “canvas” and adjust their color and shape. If you are aware of a few important design rules, you don’t have to be a trained graphic designer to create infographics. Here are the prices .


Infogram is also a data visualization tool designed to give visitors the ability to better understand charts, infographics, and data visualization tools. You can choose from around 30 different chart templates to prepare your dataThe basic account is free, otherwise the following prices apply.


With PicMonkey, you can create pictures as well as collages and “free” designs. The great thing about the tool is its ease of use. Here for the prices .


Easelly offers many ready-made themes to choose from, to which you can simply add additional elements using drag and drop. So you can still create good graphics without detailed graphic knowledge.


At Youzign, you can create different types of graphics – from infographics, social media covers, e-book covers, business cards to flyers. Here is the price list .


With Canva, you can create graphics, edit photos, create Facebook covers and much more.

Video tools

Knowledge vision

With Knowledge Vision, you can convert presentations into videos online. No extra downloads of other tools are required for this.


Camtasia is a tool that allows you to create high quality videos without any prior knowledge. You can use it to record your screen, import, edit and share video files, among other things. Here are the prices. Also from TechSmith, Jing offers functions similar to Camtasia. With the free software, you can take screen recordings and share them quickly via email and social media platforms

Audio tools


With Audacity, you can create, edit and publish podcasts audio recordings and analyze everything. The software is free.


PodBean is a podcasting platform. Here you can create and share podcasts. You can also analyze the performance of your podcasts. Here are the prices. There is also a free version.

Interactive content tools

Ion Interactive

With this software, you can create interactive content and convert your existing content into interactive one. Here are the prices.


Qzzr is a tool with which you can create quizzes and then integrate them. Once you have chosen your quiz version, you can design the cover one after the other, determine the outcomes, determine the questions, style everything and then generate the whole thing. Here is a price overview.


ContestFactory enables you to create competitions, surveys, quizzes and much more. Here are the prices.


With the StatSilk software, you can create interactive maps, among other things.


Tools are a dime a dozen. Most of them include several functions, which makes it impossible to clearly assign them to a topic. Nevertheless, I tried to the best of my knowledge and belief. In any case, content marketing tools are helpful, sometimes essential supplements or support for content marketing processes. However, you should carefully consider which tool really offers added value for the way you work in the company. That can vary from team to team. Much depends on the individual way of working, the workflow and the goals. Basically, you need exactly the tools that help you to optimize your processes so that you can achieve your work goals in the most efficient way. We say yes to CM tools – BUT: take a close look to see if you really need a tool!

Which tools do you know and what do you use them for?

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